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Phishing for trouble!

Phishing scams are at all-time high

Did you know, 1 in 5 employees open a phishing email without realising?

But what are phishing scams?

Phishing is a SCAM used by fraudsters to access valuable personal details, such as usernames and passwords. Sent to thousands of people, these emails pretend to be trusted organisations or people you know well i.e. Employees, Banks, and Online Shops. They usually try to trick you into going to a particular site to enter various personal details. The link usually looks exactly like the real thing but is actually FAKE designed to trick you.

How to spot a SCAM email:

• The email does not use your full name, no personalisation
• The email is sent from a completely different email address
• A sense of urgency; normally a threat if you don’t act immediately
• A random request for personal information such as passwords or bank details
• You weren’t expecting to get an email
• The senders name, contact details does not match up with the trusted organisation

Phishing attacks rose 21% during 2015 totalling 95,556; costing British consumers a total of 174.4m over the course of the year. 29% of all reported phishing emails were also found to contain potentially malicious links which when clicked, could deliver malware to a victim’s computer within seconds.

This could cost your business thousands!

Employee behaviours that can put you and your company at risk:

• Opening attachments, or clicking on links within emails that are unsolicited or unexpected.
• Responding to emails that ask for your personal or financial details.
• Logging in to a webpage that you have arrived at via a link in an email.

Sound like something your employees do on a regular basis?

How can you stop this from happening?
• Do not open emails which you suspect being SPAM
• Do not forward emails with you suspect being SPAM
• Do not respond to emails from unknown sources
• Do not make any purchases or donations in response to SPAM email.
• Do not click on links from unknown sources

Phishing Awareness is key, educate your employees and yourself.

Why not implement a phishing tool?
We can train users by actually phishing them; exposing them to safe controlled phishing simulations. The phishing simulations allow customisation to fit within your company, and make it look legitimate as possible. We can also provide you with the data that we collect, including “name and shame “. This training will benefit all employees, training them to spot and report phishing attacks whilst keeping you and your company secure.


Many thanks to Emily-Rose Hill from Harlequin CDIS (SILVER members of Keep it in Kent) for contributing this useful blog!
Harlequin CDIS offer a variety of products to support businesses in their day to day functionality. "Whether an organisation needs IT management, managed security, email protection or data back-up solutions, we can help to improve business operations and get the most out of their IT Resources. All our services are quick and easy to deploy: no hassle, no time lost."

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