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Crossword Solution

Here is the solution to our 2015 Advent Crossword... how did you do?

Thanks to everyone who submitted their completed grids! We hope you enjoyed taking part and testing your knowledge of all things Kent!

The lucky recipient of Keep it in Kent Goody Bag was M Ransom, from Faversham. Many congratulations!!

6   Tracking down this circuitous meeting place is a thrilling experience (6,5)
8   Shame... this place will never take off (7)
9   Dear Mr & Mrs Parker, We love watching TV and eating Sandwiches with you (3,10)
11  We heard some tales that Becket's Shrine rests here (10,9)
12  We're on track to a Parisian adventure via what could be called a retreat of the Armada (9)
17  So often mispronounced in the middle of a vintage Christmas tipple! (4,6,7)
21  Naval location for filming Harry S's latest business ventures (7,5)
23  To my husband's amusement, this is where I like to go at night! (9)
18  Fresh or roasted, these barmy little treats are surprisingly juicy (7)
19  Please Sir, can I have some... [Scottish surname]? (4)
22  We trust this is Winston and Clementine's former pad (9)
24  There's nothing like a nice cool pint whilst watching the flock in Faversham (8,5)

1  Evaporated milk, muscovado sugar and pastry, make this traditional sweet Kentish treat (5,4)
2  According to Google Translate, it sounds like this coastal confederation "sombrer". (6,5)
3  My roof is rather conical isn't it? Hahaha. (4,5)
4  Pistol from The Merry Wives of Windsor knew the potential of these Kentish crustaceans (10,7)
5  At the end of a day's shopping here, a Dipper will offer you a sip from the well (3,8)
7  You know you're home when you can see these (5,6)
10 This Christopher allegedly penned many Shakespearian classics down by the Great Stour (7,7)
14 Look up into the nativity sky, that funny Victor and his old shilling have been playing again... but what's his real name? (3)
13 Oh that's just Tina making an exhibition of herself in Margate... (6)
15 Judging by his fancy footwork, this Kentish greengrocer should stick to his culinary day job (5,7)
16 No. it's not a North Yorkshire fortress, honest! (5,6)
20 Life is just a bowl of Prunus Avium, or so they say! (8)

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