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Avoiding Accidents at Work

Accidents can be a common occurrence at work, especially if you work in the industry of manual labour and are regularly in contact with tools and other such potentially dangerous equipment. This leads to a lot of work accident claims as those who are injured and justly entitled to compensation.

Small businesses that can’t afford for such a claim to occur should protect themselves and their company by preventing any of their employees from having accidents whilst on the job. Nobody wants to think that those who work for him or her could be at risk of serious harm and certainly don’t want to have to worry about losing money because of it, which is why they need to think about it more.

Did you know that 629,000 workers were injured at work in 2013/14? Check out the following infographic provided by Kent Compensation - it includes some more interesting (if slightly alarming) statistics:

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Corporate Hospitality – is it worth it?

You would be forgiven for thinking that Corporate Hospitality is reserved for the more established companies with their seemingly endless entertainment budgets! However you'll probably be pleasantly surprised when you read the following useful overview of the whys and wherefores of organising a corporate event, that Sarah Hawes of Izzy PR has kindly shared with us:

"Back in the autumn of 2015, Melinda Bush, owner of Quartz Financial Services asked me how to mark her company’s third birthday. She said she wanted to celebrate with friends, family and clients who had supported the business in the early days and helped it to grow. And so we decided on a client party with a family theme, plus a focus on using Kentish suppliers. Of the many we booked, only one was outside of Kent; the children’s entertainer and this was only because of a recommendation.

Hosting a catered, beautifully decorated family party in a nice venue with a children’s entertainer, photo booth, bouncy castle, face-painter, raffle, complimentary bar and goodies to take home did require an up-front investment and Melinda did have a couple of worries about the spend along the way. However, I reassured her by outlining the long-term gains of hosting a corporate event:

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Access All Areas

 Thank you to Lisa  Beaumont for the following personal insight into the issues affecting customers with disabilities. We find it fascinating how many of the smaller independent businesses (with smaller budgets, and often fewer staff) seem to me more able and willing to be flexible to the varying needs of their customers! Well done to them all…

And to the rest of us who own businesses, maybe this blog will give us some ideas about how we can better serve our different customers. Just because we don't think we have any disabled customers at the moment, doesn't mean they wouldn't love to buy from us if they could!

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Discovering The Hythe Imperial Hotel

We were thrilled when we were offered the truly majestic Hythe Imperial Hotel as a venue for our forthcoming event, featuring our Keep it in Kent New Year's Honours Awards! It seemed like perfect timing, because not only will the hotel be a fitting venue for our event, we are delighted to be able to help the hotel to showcase its facilities to a group of businesses and Kent residents who may not have considered using the hotel for an event previously. You may have heard/noticed, that during 2015, the Hythe Imperial Hotel became independent of the global group that it has been owned by/associated with for a number of years. This was excellent news for us, as it meant that we could welcome the hotel as one of our most recent GOLD Keep it in Kent members!

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Turning your business idea into a local success

If you're starting a local business in Kent and are determined to hit the ground running, there are many steps you can take to help your enterprise prosper from the start. There's no denying that launching your own business in Kent isn't a big step. However, the southeast is one of the most prosperous parts of the UK which does give you a big edge over competitors based elsewhere.

If you are starting your own business, you'll need to be prepared to work long days and even weekends to get it off the ground. You'll probably need to work harder to balance the demands of family and work life, but the results of putting the work in can be extremely rewarding.

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