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My Kent Big Weekend

The Kent Big Weekend is an annual event where you can apply for you chance to win a pair of 20,000 tickets to a Kentish attraction or experience. It is open to residents of Kent and aims to celebrate all the great things there are to do in Kent and to provide a boost  to our local economy (much like Keep it in Kent!) There is a list of 115 attractions that you can apply for including Dover Castle, Diggerland, Scuba diving, Laser Rush at Quex, 10% extra off at the Ashford Designer Outlet and the Cyclopark to name a few. There is something for everyone! You can browse all the attractions on their website:

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Is this Kent's best kept secret castle? Not for long...

Along with the pleasure of meeting other Keep it in Kent like-minded people and hearing about what they do, I have really enjoyed all of the venues where Steve and Tina have held each of their regular meetings for the KiiK members.  The latest place to host us was a treat for everyone....

Having heard about Westenhanger Castle for the first time only after meeting its present occupier Sarah Poole at the last KiiK meeting earlier in the year, I was intrigued to see for myself this remarkable heritage property tucked away beside Folkestone Racetrack, a few miles from Hythe.

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All About That Place: Art and soul - Faversham's creative community

Nigel Wallace: FavershamThere must be something about Faversham's location that attracts and inspires the creative spirit, if the vibrant artistic community nestling in the town is anything to go by. Whether it's the rurality of its surroundings, offering a respite from the headlong dash from London to Dover as it clings to the side of the A2, the tranquillity of its several nature reserves, its coastal views - something about the place offers inspiration to many artists. The market town breathes in rhythm with the tide that laps against its shores at Harty Ferry, and is lulled by the ebb and flow of the tide coursing down its creek. At times, it's easy to see why Faversham is such a haven for artists: the sunlight slanting through the tall roadside trees on an autumn afternoon; the rows of neat-and-tidy ploughed fields across the Kentish landscape; a mixture of natural landscape mixed with mankind's imparted order, a coming together of the vital, the raw with the controlled, acting as a catalyst for creative response.

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A Different Angle on Dover Castle

Having lived only 13 odd miles from Dover virtually all my life, I have spent many happy days rampaging around the magnificent Dover Castle both as a child and an adult. In fact, my mother was born and brought up in Dover in a house with a clear view up the huge hill to the ramparts, and she tells me that she always thought of it as being “her” castle. This attitude has in part passed on to me, and to my children too, as we continue to make frequent visits to one of the most popular English Heritage properties in the whole country. Whether it’s for the spectacular sight of medieval knights battling each other on horseback and Romans showcasing their military skills, or just having a run around the windy grounds, before running as carefully as you can up the stairs of the Great Tower to rush out onto the roof for that breathtaking view, our family think of the castle as part and parcel of our regular life.

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It's all going on in Westerham

With daffodils popping up, blue skies becoming more frequent and temperatures gently rising, it’s beginning to feel something like spring...  the season when people de-hibernate, venture outside, blinking a little, to explore town and countryside.   If you don’t know it or haven’t visited in a while, then consider Westerham as a possible destination.

Read more: It's all going on in Westerham

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