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Avoiding Accidents at Work

Accidents can be a common occurrence at work, especially if you work in the industry of manual labour and are regularly in contact with tools and other such potentially dangerous equipment. This leads to a lot of work accident claims as those who are injured and justly entitled to compensation.

Small businesses that can’t afford for such a claim to occur should protect themselves and their company by preventing any of their employees from having accidents whilst on the job. Nobody wants to think that those who work for him or her could be at risk of serious harm and certainly don’t want to have to worry about losing money because of it, which is why they need to think about it more.

Did you know that 629,000 workers were injured at work in 2013/14? Check out the following infographic provided by Kent Compensation - it includes some more interesting (if slightly alarming) statistics:

It is, of course, the duty of the person in charge to make sure that workers are protected at all times and it is up to them to inform their employees about any aspect of health and safety that might concern them. It is in the employer’s best interest to follow certain key instructions when it comes to this area in order to avoid the possibility of accidents at work causing them to be hit by claims.

If they want to make sure that they are following the rules, those in charge should make sure to:

* Carry out a risk assessment. This will then show what first aid facilities are necessary and whether there are any notable hazards in the area. Anything that has the potential to cause harm to an employee must be sorted out in order to avoid any accidents at work.

* Provide the necessary precautions. All workers should be given adequate training for the job at hand and be armed with reliable and safe equipment. There should also be warnings put in place if there is a possibility of wet flooring or loose cables in the vicinity.

* Record any accidents. If anything does happen to occur to an employee, then the employer should always keep a note of this because then they will have exactly what has happened on file. If not, a worker then has the potential to claim something different and this could lead to a claim.

All of these are ways in which small businesses can make simple steps towards protecting their business. The personal injury lawyers at Kent Compensation have seen it all and know what it can take for accidents at work to turn into claims that require compensation. If you happen to need assistance in regards to the claim process, then please contact Kent Compensation for advice.

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