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What it's all about...

We hope you'll agree that unless we show our active support for independent businesses in Kent, we will lose them. We will lose our high streets to a row of national chain stores full of mass-produced items; we will lose our talented people and high quality local service providers to areas where they can find more customers... and our hard earned money will disappear out of the county and out of our local economy.

So whether you are a Kent resident or a local business owner, Keep it in Kent is here to remind and encourage you to support your local business community by changing your spending habits without necessarily costing more.

We hope you'll agree that spending with local businesses is not only more enjoyable, it also helps our local economy to grow. And as we keep supporting our local economy, Kent becomes a better place for us all to live: more jobs, more local services, better recreational facilities...

What it's not about...

We wouldn't want anyone to think we're suggesting that the people of Kent strictly Keep it Kentish, by only ever purchasing goods that are grown, made or produced in Kent, and by only using the services of independent Kent businesses, or trading with people who were born and bred in Kent! Not only would that be extremely difficult to achieve, but it would also be sadly limiting! (What would life be like without bananas and pineapples for example?!)

Neither is the idea of the Keep it in Kent campaign for Kent to cut itself off from the outside world, believing that we are in some way better than everyone else. There is a big wide world out there to enjoy and to learn from.

We do believe, however, that it is crucial to support our local economy wherever and whenever we can, and not to take it for granted. Because unless local businesses take conscious steps to work together, to trade with one another (rather than being tempted by the offers and familiarity of internationally owned brands), and unless Kent residents actively choose to spend in local businesses, then the wealth and wonderful opportunities that we currently enjoy in Kent will slowly but surely drain away…


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